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Jason Ngo

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." 

                                -Maya Angelou




Jason Ngo started dancing in the 7th grade as a self-taught b-boy and street dancer. Upon entering college, his movement expanded by taking various dance classes at Missouri State University where he discovered his love of choreographing hip hop and modern-contemporary pieces. It was at MSU where he was welcomed to be a guest artist for Inertia Dance Company and also choreographed a piece for their repertory. He was also invited to be the only undergrad student to teach for the American College Dance Festival Association when their regional collegiate competition was being held at MSU.


The culmination of techniques has combined into an unique style melding ballet's strength, modern's creativity, hip hop's musicality, and breaking's unorthodox transitions into a style he calls "Mod-Hop." He has choreographed and taught numerous master classes, workshops, and competition pieces spanning five different states with collaborator Cameron Graham and their crew, The Band of Misfits. Through this, he has worked and performed with numerous dance companies including: Wreck Fam, Battle of Buffoons, Fluxions, Motion Playlist, and Springfield Dance Alliance.


Jason holds a Bachelor's of Science in Cell Molecular Biology at Missouri State University with a double minor in Dance Performance and Chemistry.

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