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Deidra Johnson

"I dare you to be what you want to be. To let the art in your heart out. To let the song of your soul play loud. To be alive, to never settle, to find what you've been looking for. To chase the clouds, and the light, and your dreams. I dare you to come alive." -G.C. 




Deidra began her career as a competitive gymnast, competing at the Optional Level 10 before transitioning into Competitive Cheerleading. She continued her cheerleading career by working for NCA prior to becoming a Cheerleader at Missouri State University.  

She has taught recreational, team gymnastics, and cheer for over 20 years before transitioning once again into the world of Circus Arts. 

After moving to California, Deidra found The Aerial Studio, where her background in gymnastics and coaching offered her a job teaching Acro, Hand Balancing, Aerial Circus, and Aerial Yoga. Here she received her training and certification for Aerial Arts Instruction under the guidance of Cirque Du Soliel performers and trainers. She has been teaching and performing Aerial Circus Arts for the past 5 years with The Aerial Studio and at her own private studio in California. 

Deidra has a degree in Business from the Missouri State University, holds a Real Estate License in California and is currently working on obtaining her Missouri Real Estate License.

We are excited to have Deidra on board as our fantastic Front Desk Manager!  With her amazing qualifications in gymnastics and acrobatics, we're sure you will see her face helping out our students in those areas as well!

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