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Why Studio VIE?

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The Studio VIE Experience

  • A safe and nurturing environment which fosters creativity and confidence

  • Incorporation of age appropriate activities to enhance socialization, literacy, musicality and physical strength

  • Integration of the exclusive Live VIE character education program to understand etiquette and citizenship

  • Interaction with highly qualified instructors who specialize in safe and innovative teaching techniques

  • Emphasis on focus, concentration and goal setting to reach your personal best

VIE Kids:

Beginning and Intermediate Children's Program

The VIE Kids program offers dance and tumbling education for preschool and elementary aged children.  VIE kids will have the opportunity to be creative, explore movement, and experience dance and tumbling through an engaging, developmentally appropriate curriculum designed by certified school teachers. Your dancer will also be with supportive faculty members who promote a healthy lifestyle, and  develop overall strong life skills through a nurturing, encouraging, and innovative environment.

Beyond Beginners:

Recreational and Competitive Opportunities

When your dancer is ready for the next level, he or she will move into one of our ongoing classes designed to maximize a dancer's potential through thoughtfully designed technique based classes.

The La Vie Dance Company offers an opportunity for dancers to shine on stage through local performances and both regional and national competitions, while also providing important experiences in working with peers and participation in community events.


A Dance Studio Culture Like No Other

  • “ La Vie” in French literally translates to “ the life”.  While outstanding dance education may often lead to professional dance careers, it is a certainty that children will need to learn skills to be successful in any aspect of life or chosen profession.  Character education focusing on the meaning and application of respect, responsibility, confidence, compassion and integrity make up our Live VIE philosophy which is woven into all class experiences.

  • At the end of each semester, you will receive a progress report from your child’s teacher on how far your child has come in their skills. All company members will receive a sit down parent/teacher/student conference once a semester to discuss progress and questions or concerns.

  • No "Dance Moms" culture here. Parent questions are welcomed and addressed in a timely manner.  Students will experience constructive criticism from instructors with firm, but positive direction. You will find no disrespect or yelling here. Studio VIE is a collaborative environment where everyone works together to help your child learn and grow.  While we may not always agree, we agree to do it politely. Anyone who needs their own reality show (whether it be staff, student, or parent) will be asked to leave.

  • Students are celebrated, motivated, and loved!  Your dancer's achievement will be acknowledged through fun motivators such as WOW! Cards, Live VIE pins, and recital awards.

Superb Facility Features

  • 4500 square foot facility features three classrooms with custom built sprung flooring and Marley covering

  • Secure entry way requiring a key fob or building code (coming August 2022)

  • Specialized equipment including three points for aerial arts, stall bars, floor mounted ballet barres, projector and  screen for live interactive and on demand classes through CLI Studios, as well as an assortment of props and tools for conditioning and technique instruction

  • Lounge space for parents and students

  • Dressing room space for female students

  • Kitchenette


Join the Family

Relax in the lounge area complete with tables, free wi-fi, magazines, all in a comfortable environment.  It's a great place for you or your dancer to socialize with other families, rest between classes, or work on homework.


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